Update 21 – Electric Season Patch Notes

Join this season and celebrate the next generation of cars! Let’s break down this new update!

New Cars

Legend Pass early-access cars:

–   Renault TreZor: Featured in the Legend Pass season rewards.

–   Toroidion 1MW: Featured in a Special event only for Legend Pass owners.

*Please remember that while the Legend Pass offers you the chance of unlocking these new cars, additional event conditions might apply.

First-Time accessible:

Once an early-access car for Legend-Pass owners but now coming back for all players, we introduce you to: Porsche Taycan Turbo S! This powerful car will be featured in a Car Hunt event this season.

XBOX release! 

asphalt 9 update 21 xbox release

New racers are joining the game as Asphalt 9 has been released now for Xbox! Race in 4k and 120 fps! (only on XBOX Series X)

Playing on Xbox allows you to resume your progress on Windows and cross-platform playing with the players on that platform.

New Season!

asphalt 9 update 21 new electric season_resize
Join us this season as we celebrate the next generation of cars! Take one of the new electric cars for a spin and see which ones you can add to your collection this season. Make sure to grab the Legend Pass to access its benefits!

Events showcase

–   Get ready for new Grand Prix events! This time, fight for a chance to unlock the Volkswagen electric R or RAESR Tachyon Speed Prototype cars in exciting new events! Additionally, take part in an Epic Prix event featuring Inferno Automobili Inferno.

Grand Prix – Usually features a new car and gives you a chance to unlock it by winning the car key.

Elite Prix – An already existing car in the game returns — play in the event for a new chance to win its blueprints!

Epic Prix – An exciting chance to win Epic parts of an existing car in the game! Please note that in order to participate in the Epic Prix events, you will need to own the featured car.

–   Participate in the Special Events this season for a chance to unlock two fantastic new cars: the Toroidion 1MW (Legend Pass needed) and the Rimac Concept_One!

–   Exciting new Car Hunts including the new Drako GTE, Porsche Taycan Turbo S (first time accessible to all players),and other powerful cars!

–   Unleashed: You will get a chance to max out Techrules AT96 Track Version, the featured car in our very first Grand Prix event!

–   True Legends: Face-Off! Fight your way to the top of the leaderboard to get the grand prize of 250 blueprints of Vanda Dendrobium, 16 Epic Import Parts, and 10,000,000 Credits.

Asphalt Series

update 21 asphalt series
The electrifying Asphalt Series are taking place! Remember to participate in this very special edition of our eSports competition and to fill the registration form so your entry can be taken into account.


–   Ford GT MK II will get beautiful new decal!

–   New Career season!

–   New body kit for Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spider!

–   We made some fixes to the Auckland track

–   Need any help? Remember that you can resolve most problems in our Helpshift FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) by tapping on the Settings icon and selecting the Customer Care button on the Gameloft Connect tab.

–   Last but not least, stay tuned to our Social Media channels, some cool contests and promotions are coming your way!


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