Update 22 – Festive Season Patch Notes

The Festive Season is here! It is time to get together and celebrate the coming of exciting new cars, great events, and a lot of fun! Let’s get started!

New Cars

First-Time accessible:

Once an early-access car for Legend-Pass owners but now coming back for all players! Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 will be featured in next Drive Syndicate (obtainable progressing in the event!).

Join us as we end the year and kick off the next with a festive season full of new cars and exciting races! This new season is packed with big events and brings 7 new cars for you to collect. Make sure to grab the Legend Pass to maximize your benefits and compete for the Arash AF10 as a bonus!

New Track

Welcome to Buenos Aires! Race through the colorful streets of Argentina’s capital. Enjoy the views!

Events showcase

– We have Grand Prix events coming your way! This time, fight for a chance to unlock the SCG 007S or Pagani Zonda R cars in exciting new events! Additionally, take part in an Epic Prix event featuring Bugatti Chiron.

– Participate in the Special Events this season for a chance to unlock the new Naran Hyper Coupe (Legend Pass needed) and get blueprints for the Bugatti Chiron!

– Get ready for exciting Holiday events!
• Participate in our Advent Calendar, the BMW i8 Roadster is waiting for you if you complete it!
• Holiday event where you can unlock the Artega Scalo Superelletra!
• Celebrate the New Year! By playing every day in the New Year event you can unlock the Ferrari F12tdf!
• During the Holiday season, there will be some changes made to the Multiplayer events (World series will be shortened to 1 week and car filters will increase progressively)

– Unleashed: welcome to the Unleash The Tiger event! Celebrate the Lunar New Year with this competition featuring McLaren Senna! This will be the first time where you can get blueprints for three cars in an Unleashed event! Fight for Ferrari F8 Tributo and Porsche Carrera GT blueprints!

– Exciting Car Hunts for the Aston Martin Victor (Legend Pass needed—the best car ever in a Car Hunt!) and Infiniti Project Black S cars!


– Look for Holiday stockings card packs all over the game during the Holiday season! Have you been good or bad?

– The Xbox version of the game received major bug fixes and upgrades during November! Check those out, along with further optimizations coming with this update, by downloading the latest Xbox version of the game!

– Career layout has been restructured to improve your gaming experience. Come back to the Career mode to find the following changes!
• The main path of your career progression has been outlined more clearly for clarity purposes.
• Some existing seasons have been moved into the newly opened Chapter 6. Check back here with each new update for new content!
• Even if things look different at first, rest assured no career progression has been lost with the new changes.

– The implementation of rank requirements in Career mode has been improved to make a better experience and guarantee a better car progression and upgrading.

– 60fps support has been added to new iOS devices (iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and iPad Mini 6)

– We have made improvements to the way cars react to wall bouncing

– The former “Special Events” tab has been renamed to “Seasonal Events” to make Legend Pass missions clearer.

– New body kits for the McLaren P1tm car!

Source: https://asphaltlegends.com/news/?article=78

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