Asphalt 9 Tokens Guide – Free Tokens

Asphalt 9 Tokens Guide

asphalt 9 tokensIn this Asphalt 9 Tokens Farm Guide i will explain to you how to get Tokens and how to spend them the most useful way. Asphalt 9 Free Tokens.

Where you get Tokens

  • Limited Time Events
  • End of each Career Mode Season
  • Free Classic Pack & Ad Pack
  • Club Milestone
  • End of Multiplayer Season
  • Daily Goals
  • Buy in Legends Store

Below i explain where to get the most Credits.

How go get Tokens

1. Limited Time Events

gives the most Tokens. Just go to Daily Events.

Every Week there is a Weekly Competition which gives 15 – 200 Tokens, depending on your Leaderboard Rank.

Check also other Daily Events which Races are currently offered. Some Daily Events gives alot of Tokens as Ranked Reward.

2. Multiplayer

Every End of a Multiplayer Season gives alot of Tokens. The higher your league at the end of a Multiplayer Season, the more Tokens you`ll receive.

asphalt 9 free tokens

3. Career

Once you unlocked the last race of a career season you can collect free Tokens.

4. Club Milestones

asphalt 9 free tokens

When all members of a Club earn enough Reputation Points you unlock Milestones which gives a nice amount of Tokens. If you are an active Player search a good Club so you gain more Rewards. If you wanna search a good Club check the Links here:

5. Car & Event Packs

Every 4 Hours you can collect the Classic Free Pack and you can watch 4 Ads Packs every Day. It can contain Blueprints, Import Parts and Credits and Tokens. The amount of Tokens from this 2 Packs is depending on your Garage Level, for example: Classic Pack gives 20 Tokens for Garage Level 8 and the Ads Pack gives 15 Tokens.

6. Daily Goals

There are different Goals which gives 5 Tokens. For Example upgrading a Car or playing 3 daily events etc. if you complete more goals you unlock the goal combo and get 15 extra tokens.

daily goals

7. Buy in Legend Store

for $$$

How to spend Tokens wisely

I know it’s very tempting to have Blueprints available for Tokensin the Legend Store. Especially if you do not have many Tokens and dont pay alot of $$$ do not buy blueprints with all your Tokens that you can get from daily events. Just be patient. Why spending now Tokens for blueprints that you can get anyway in Daily Events.

Best way to spend Tokens is to wait for a special event with the containing “Featured Car Packs”. This pack contain blueprints, which are only during the time of the event available. If you buy 1 Pack for 75 Tokens there is a 10% chance of getting the Featured Car Blueprints. If you buy 10 Packs you get guaranted “featured car blueprints” up to 15 from 1 Pack!!!

Dont use Tokens to refill event tickets or car fuel, just watch ads to refill your Car.

Rule -> Tokens only for Blueprints from “Featured Car Packs” which are limited.



Ultimate Asphalt 9 Tokens Guide – Asphalt 9 Tokens Farm – Ultimate Asphalt 9 Tokens Guide – Asphalt 9 Tokens Farm – Ultimate Asphalt 9 Tokens Guide – Asphalt 9 Free Tokens

Asphalt 9 Tokens Farm – asphalt 9 free tokens

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13 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 Tokens Guide – Free Tokens”

  1. Is it wise to save tokens to be able to buy several Featured Car Packs” at the same time?
    10 pack cost 750 and probably only give 3 blue print. Should I save up to 7500 and get 10*10? That might take some time but I might have a chanse to get the car.

    • Miura – As you may know by now, the most you can buy at once is a 10pack for 750 tokens unless you get some bundle in the shop for real money perhaps. These are the best option because although yes you could and may get 3 BPs, you may also get 6, 9, 12, 15, etc. Saving up to buy -multiple 10 packs- is best because then you’re bound to get some decent drops in at least some of your packs.

  2. Hello people, I’m new to the game and just can’t stop playing it. Only I have one problem. How do I get more tokens without buying them from the store


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