Asphalt 9 Database Partner

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RpM Alexrpm alexOfficial Asphalt Youtuber

RpM FeuerrmOfficial Asphalt Youtuber


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3 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 Database Partner”

  1. On the Performance Stats page ( ) I suggest the following corrections:

    ATS Automobili Corsa RRTurbo – (M) Nitro: 46,32
    source: eWBK7986M3E on youtube

    Bentley Continental GT3 – (M) Nitro: 50,79
    source: 9uYJ2OU1BIw on youtube

    Glickenhaus 003S – (M) Nitro: 63,11
    source: WWuwTuleB7E on youtube

    Honda Civic Type-R – (M) Nitro: 62,55
    source: X3w-c0BrkoI on youtube

    Lamborghini Aventador SV Coupé – (M) Handl.: 50,15
    source: CLxkX3QlUTk on youtube

    McLaren Senna – (M) Speed: 358,7
    source: CLxkX3QlUTk on youtube


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