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The Clash is a new game mode for Asphalt 9: Legends that pits two Clubs against each other in a frenzied competition for glory and rewards.

Asphalt 9 The Clash


The Clash is a new game mode for Asphalt 9: Legends that pits two Clubs against each other in a frenzied competition for glory and rewards.

Clashes take place on a special map called “The City of Legends”, which is divided into a Red and Blue Side. Each side contains multiple neighborhoods and streets.

The goal is to conquer as many of the opposing Club’s Streets as possible while protecting your own Streets from being conquered.

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Each Clash has different phases:


It is the registration period, so the Founders or Promoted Members of each club can register their club for a Clash.


Make sure your club is ready. After the registration, the new joiners won’t be able to participate in this Clash.

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During this Phase, club members occupy the Streets of their side of the city, assign cars to them, and save their best race times to protect their streets.


To establish a good defense, check the number of streets assigned to you, check your garage, and use the club chat to coordinate with your club mates and decide:

• Who occupies each street.

• Which car models you and your club mates should assign to each street, considering the requirements and points value of each street.

Remember that you can perform Practice Races on the streets to check the Track.

Don’t forget to check Defense Status from time to time by tapping on the STATUS button. This screen summarizes the status of your Club’s performance during the Defense Phase.

Don’t leave streets empty, it will only make things easier for your opponents in the attack phase.


Occupy the number of streets assigned to you and protect them to make things difficult for your rivals in the Attack Phase.
Access an empty street and if you are interested in it, occupy it by tapping on OCCUPY button.

Assign a car to each one of your streets to be able to perform Defense Races on them.

Once you have assigned a car to a street, you will be able to perform a Defense Race on it.

What do you get by performing a Defense Race on a street?

• The Base Points of the street.

• The Extra points of the street (if any):
If the car assigned to a street was matching the requirements for the Extra Points of that street, you will get Extra Points too by performing a Defense Race.

• You will protect your street: 
If a member of the rival club accesses your street during the Attack Phase, he/she will have to race in your street and beat the race time you’ve saved during the Defense Phase on it, to conquer it.

You have a limited number of free attempts to perform Defense Races in your streets, so use Practice Races until you feel confident to perform a Defense Race.


• Practice Races can be useful for you to get used to the track of the street, or, before occupying a street, to decide if you are good for that track or not. Remember that you can perform Practice Races in all streets of your side of the city.

• Change the assigned car. If you’re not happy with your choice you can change it but remember that your club would lose the points on that street if you already performed a Defense race. So don’t forget to perform another Defense Race with the new car you assign, to get the points of the street again.

• Vacate a street. If you are not happy with a street you’ve already occupied, you can vacate it. Remember that your club will lose the points of that street in case you already have performed a Defense Race on it. Thus, don’t forget to coordinate with your clubmates so someone can replace you as the owner of the street you’ve vacated. Don’t forget that the new owner of the street will have to perform a Defense Race on it to get the points of the street for your club again.)


During this Phase, your club must assault the side of the city of your opponents, and, by beating the race times that your rivals have saved on their streets. Try to conquer as many streets as you can.


To conquer the rival streets, you, and your club mates, need to beat the race times that your rivals have established on their own streets.

Unlike what happened in the Defense Phase, in order to conquer Rival Streets, you cannot directly select one of them and race on it to conquer it.
You and your clubmates have to select a Main Street as an entry point and by following the neighborhood paths, move towards the end of the neighborhood. Main Streets cannot be vacated, once you select a main street will be yours until the end of the Attack Phase, so select your Main Streets carefully.
Don’t forget to check Attack Status from time to time, by tapping on STATUS button.

The cars you can use in the Attack Phase cannot be the same ones you have assigned to your streets in the Defense Phase.



Occupy the number of main streets and use them as a starting point. You can select the main street you want as long as it’s not already occupied.


Once you access a rival street, you’ll be able to perform an attacking race. If you beat the time, you will conquer it.

What do you get by conquering a rival street?

• The base points of the street

• Extra points of the street (if any)
If the car you have used to conquer the street was matching the requirements for the Extra Points of that street, you will get Extra Points too by conquering it. Note: this functionality will be available in the upcoming update.

• Bonus points: If you or your clubmates conquer a rival street on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd try, the Base Points of that street will be multiplied.


– The Score in a Clash depends on the club members:

• Their strategy.

• Their performance during the Defense Phase in their side of the city.

• Their performance during the Attack Phase in the rival side of the city.

The club with a higher score wins the Clash.

– Different ways to obtain points in a Clash

• Defended streets during the Defense phase.

⚬ The base points of the street

⚬ Extra points of the street (if any)

• Car diversity level. The cars assigned to the streets in the Defense phase will be considered to calculate your Car Diversity Level. Depending on your club Car Diversity Level, you will get several points at the end of the Defense Phase.

• The enemy’s streets conquered during the Attack phase.

⚬ The base points of the street

⚬ Extra points of the street (if any)

⚬ Bonus points If you or your clubmates conquer a rival street in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd try, the Base Points of that street will be multiplied.

• Defender victories if an Attacker trying to conquer a street fails to beat the Defender’s time, the Defender’s club will get a number of points by each victory of its defenders (only the 3 first Defenders Victories on each street).


Rewards per Clash:

• Rewards for the winning club of the Clash.

• Consolation rewards for the losing club.

The rewards per clash your club can aspire to do not only depend on losing or winning a clash. At the beginning of each Clash Season, your club will be included in a bracket depending on your Club Garage Value. Increase your Club Garage Value to be able to reach higher brackets and therefore better rewards (for winning/losing).

Rewards per Clash Season:
A Clash Season is made of a sequence of several Club Clashes.

You and your clubmates will get rewards at the end of each Clash Season.
In this case, these rewards are based on a leaderboard:

• The position that clubs get on this leaderboard is based on the number of clash points they have at the end of a season.

• Clubs get clash points in the different Clashes of the Season in which they have participated.

• This leaderboard considers all clubs of all garage value brackets.
So, all clubs are competing on this leaderboard.


Keep vanquishing your rivals and your Club can climb to higher brackets each season, allowing you to compete for some of the most coveted rewards in the game!

The Clash is the ideal mode for enjoying Asphalt 9: Legends with your Club, racing together towards a common goal, and forging closer bonds along the way!


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  1. Bonjour, merci pour ce tuto mais il n’est pas précisé :
    * s’il est possible d’utiliser la même voiture sur deux rue rivales différentes, en attaque
    * combien de rues en défense sont-elles attribuées (6, 7, 8 ?) ?

  2. Est-ce que c’est normal qu’il n’y a pas encore de clubs clash sur switch ? Il y a écrit prochainement desus .

  3. In the attack phase, sometimes it says place just after purification or something.

    What does that even mean in regards to the game.

  4. Do you lose the points earned in the defense phase if that race is conquered by the opposing club? Or do you get to keep the points you’ve earned in the defense phase & the opposing club just earns their own points for the rave? This is not at all clear.


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