UERK™️ – United Elite Racing Kids

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united elite racing kids

Are you a motivated and active A9 player? Are you looking for a place to improve your driving and learn from the best? Are you carrying your club but your members not doing their part? If you answered yes to any of the above, you just might be the person we’re looking for!

UERK™ – United Elite Racing Kids on iOS, Android & Windows is recruiting new players, and here’s your chance to join one of the OG A9 clubs going strong since soft launch! Play with a diverse group of players from around the world and learn tips and tricks to become a better driver.

We are looking for players who are up to the challenge of meeting the following rep requirements.

(All 6 Clubs have the Official Unique UERK™ Logo)

iOS 1st club (rep level 80+ / Legend League MP / at least 5 top 100 in TLE in the last month / MANUAL DRIVER)

iOS 2nd club (rep level 50+ / 1k day)

Contact via Discord ( @UERK_Fab#5653 or @Ansager#2113)

Windows 1st club (rep level 60+ / Legend League MP / 3k day / MANUAL DRIVER)

Windows 2nd club (rep level 40+ / 1k day)

Contact via Discord ( @UERK_Fab#5653 or @Achilles#1969)

Android 1st club (rep level 60+ / Legend League MP / 3k day / MANUAL DRIVER)

Android 2nd club (rep level 40+ / 1k day)

Contact via Discord ( @UERK_Fab#5653)

Of course we understand that everyone has their own lives and schedules to manage, so we do not expect you to play consistently every day. Instead, we expect players to score the rep per day required multiplied by the number of days
the club season lasts. For example, if the minimum rep for you is 2.0K per day and the club season lasts for 10 days then you must score 20K rep before the season ends.
each day or less on some days and more on other days, but as long as you hit 20K rep everything will be fine.

About UERK

2016 was when it all started. The first Asphalt 8 team comprised of 8 friends, but month after month we grew in strength, up to the current 80. As one of the OG Asphalt 9 clubs going strong since day 1 of iOS soft launch, our legacy is now spread over 6 clubs on all 3 platforms.

UERK™️ Member List

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United Elite Racing Kids

Asphalt 9 Legends Club