Official Asphalt 9 Legends Discord Server!

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Last Updated on November 1, 2019 by Ansager

Join the Official Asphalt 9 Legends Discord Server!

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Official Asphalt 9 Discord Server

Oficial Asphalt 9 Legends Discord Server


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9 thoughts on “Official Asphalt 9 Legends Discord Server!”

  1. Pleas unban me it showed i havebeen banned from the server as i was a self bot.But i am not if i was a bot then how could i type this. Discord id :Meesam#3379

  2. Good morning!
    Something strange happened yesterday!
    I found out that I was banned from your “Asphalt 9 Legends” server as well as not receiving any notification of the reasons.
    I kindly ask that you look into my case, and consider returning to each other.
    I trust that what happened was just a simple mistake.

    UN™ F Φ Φ τ J Φ Φ β ~ 666



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