Asphalt 9 Multiplayer

How does the matchmaking work?

The matchmaking is based on your race results: As you win and lose against other players, your skill level changes to reflect how well you perform in the game.

Occasionally you will be matched against players that are driving cars that have higher ranks than yours. This means that:

  • they do not play as well as you and need a stronger car to reach your skill level
  • they are transitioning to their real skill level and will quickly move up the ranks

When you get to the top of your league, you will start to be matched against players from the league above you. You will need to play at your best level to move to the next  league and access the extra rewards!

Play against up to 8 Players in Multiplayer Mode.

There are different Multiplayer Series (see below) which gives alot of rewards when the Season ends. Depending on the Series rewards are Blueprints, Credits, Tokens, Special Packs and Import Part Packs.

The higher your rank and league at the end of a Multiplayer Season, the more rewards you`ll receive.

To see the rewards from the different Series check the list below which will be updated with every new Series.

Multiplayer Series

Classic World Series

Classic Multiplayer Experience.


Asphalt 9 Multiplayer Guide

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  1. Was sind die jeweils besten Autos im Multiplayer?? Ich werde von einen M$ übergolt in einem NSX und komme mir sehr verarscht vor O.o

  2. how races are selectionned? If I’m in the bronze league, do I have fewer chances to race in New York or Nevada, for example?


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