Asphalt 9 Credits Guide

Asphalt 9 Credits Guide

In this Asphalt 9 Credits Farm Guide i will explain to you how to get the most Credits and how to spend them the most useful way.

Where you get Credits

  • Limited Time Events
  • After every Race
  • Earning Season Flags in Career Mode
  • Car & Event Packs
  • Club Milestone
  • End of Multiplayer Season
  • Exchange for Tokens (dont do it)

Below i explain where to get the most Credits.

How go get the most Credits

1. Limited Time Events

gives the most Credits. Just go to Daily Events.

Every 24 hours there are 3 Races:

Check also other Daily Events which Races are currently offered. Some Daily Events gives alot of Credits as Ranked Reward or after every Race. So if you have done all Daily Events and still have Event Tickets use them to farm Races.

2. Multiplayer

Multiplayer gives alot of Credits after every Race depending on your Position and Reputation Level. Also Multiplayer is more fun than Daily Events or Career. Farm Multiplayer to earn alot of Credits after every Race and to reach a higher League. The higher your rank at the end of a Multiplayer Season, the more Credits you`ll receive.

3. Career

Look for Race Goals in My Career seasons. You get extra Credits for every Season Flag you earn once. If you earn enough Season Flags you unlock more Races and extra Credits to collect. You can also farm the same Race which you are able to do over and over again. To see what Races gives the most Credits depending on your career progress and Route check the link below. Career race farm can easy done with touchdrive the relaxed way.

All 850 +Race List with Credits / Reputation

4. Club Milestones

When all members of a Club earn enough Reputation Points you unlock Milestones which gives a nice amount of Credits. If you are an active Player search a good Club so you gain more Rewards. If you wanna search a good Club check the Links here:

5. Car & Event Packs

Every 4 Hours you can collect the Classic Free Pack and you can watch 4 Ads Packs every Day. It can contain Blueprints, Import Parts and Credits. The amount of Credits from Car & Event Packs is depending on your Garage Level, for example: Classic Pack gives 50.000 Credits for Garage Level 8 and the Ads Pack gives 20.000 Credits. Most Event Packs can contain also Credits so just do all Daily Events which gives Packs as Reward.

6. Exchange for Tokens

Never do it! Save Tokens for “Featured Car Event Packs”.

How to spend Credits wisely

I know it’s very tempting to have Blueprints available for credits in the Legend Store. Especially if you do not have many Credits do not buy blueprints with all your credits that you can get from daily events. Just be patient. Why spending now Credits for blueprints that you can get anyway in Daily Events. For example a Class D Car needs 400.000 Credits to full upgrade but a 6 Star Class S Car needs 14.000.000 Credits to full upgrade.

Rule -> Credits only for upgrading cars if your are not a Credit Millionaire yet

If you follow this Guide, one day you will become a credit millionaire also. ;

asphalt 9 credits millionaire


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Asphalt 9 Credits Farm – Asphalt 9 free credits

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