Reputation Level

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What is the Reputation Level?

You earn Reputation Points for Every Race you do.

What gives the most Reputation Points?

  1. Multiplay Races > 2. Limited Time Events > 3. Career

Reputation Points Farm (Career)

Check this Race List to find the best race for you to farm reputation points.

Link: Complete Race List with Credits / Reputation Points

What can i do with Reputation Level?

The higher your reputation level the more reputation points you get with every race. It is also important for your Club to unlock higher milestones. Also for every Reputation Level up all cars will refill its fuel.

2 thoughts on “Reputation Level”

  1. It would be very cool to add n this page the total points per win per event type (Understanding sometimes this varies for MP races) for each rep level (or rep level range?)

  2. I was invited to join a club where i had reached 16 reputation points but lost those points when i left. Why?


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