Ultima RS

Asphalt 9 Ultima RS


Car Information:

Class Type ⛽  Fuel ⏱ Refill Time In Game
S Epic 3 6 Hours Update 23 – 02/2022

Performance Data & Ranks

Top SpeedSpeed in km/h AccelerationAcceleration HandlingHandling NitroNitro
Stock [3483]
Top Speed402.0
Max6⭐ [4644]
Top Speed418.2
Nitros Speed: ? km/h Air Speed: ? km/h Drift Speed: ? km/h

Car Ranks:

Stock 1 2 3 4 5 6
3483 3637 3814 4002 4197 4423 4644


1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
Key 40 45 60 70 85 300

Upgrades & Import Parts

Stage Credits x 4 Total
Stage 0 23.000 92.000
Stage 1 37.500 150.000
Stage 2 60.000 240.000
Stage 3 90.000 360.000
Stage 4 130.000 520.000
Stage 5 182.000 728.000
Stage 6 255.000 1.020.000
Stage 7 356.500 1.426.000
Stage 8 499.500 1.998.000
Stage 9 699.000 2.796.000
Stage 10 979.000 3.916.000
Stage 11 1.370.000 5.480.000
Stage 12 2.250.000 9.000.000
Stage 13 Max Credits 27.726.000
Import Parts Amount Credits Total
Common 28 90.000 Credits 2.520.000
Rare 20 180.000 Credits 3.600.000
Epic 16 540.000 Credits 8.640.000
Upgrades Credits 27.726.000
Total Cost: Credits 42.486.000

Ultima RS Gallery:

Ultima RS Info

Ultima Sports Ltd has pushed the Ultima legacy to its highest point ever with the launch of the new Ultima RS. This new flagship model is a supercar that’s overwhelmingly capable, delivering the fastest, most sophisticated, stylish and most advanced performance package to date. The Ultima RS is the crowning glory of 35 years of successful Ultima history and the finest expression of Ultima’s core DNA.

The Ultima RS is the most thorough and comprehensive revision of the road legal Ultima supercar ever to be released.

The commandingly aggressive stance with its muscular and timeless Group C Le Mans inspired lines to the extensive use of carbon fibre, the new Ultima RS was designed with one purpose in mind: performance. From the stunningly crafted roof scoop, carbon-fibre side splitters and sculpted front splitter which both feature intelligently integrated vortex generators, to the new swan neck top mounted full width carbon fibre rear wing option – each is meticulously crafted to reduce weight. Their shapes are every bit as functional as they are stunning and each has been honed to perfection as a result of extensive testing in MIRA’s full size wind tunnel.

Unfiltered and instinctive. At its heart can be found the latest Chevrolet V8 LT euro 6 compliant direct fuel injection powerplant options – ranging from the 480bhp LT1, 650bhp LT4 and 800bhp supercharged LT5 (as seen in the factory demo car). Finally, the new supercharged LT5 powerplant can be further tuned to a hypercar power capability of up to a staggering 1200bhp. Vitally, the chassis and controls communicate so vividly with the driver that you can truly exploit the extraordinary performance potential.

In terms of the design, the Ultima RS has been focused on increasing downforce and aerodynamic performance as well as increasing cooling and airflow. This can be seen in the striking design and in the extensive range of new aerodynamic elements such as the integrated chassis-mounted front splitter, front dive planes, quad wheel arch vents, vortex generators, NACA ducts, aggressive side scoops and large diffuser at the rear.

Extra cooling for the powertrain and brakes is realised by means of the additional air channels in the nose, rear fenders and roof. The design of the front canopy reduces the frontal area to a minimum and also adds a lower co-efficient of drag, at the same time controlling air flow over the leading edge and maintaining a boundary layer over most surfaces. All of these factors contribute towards providing the Ultima RS with a handling balance and finesse never witnessed before. Total downforce and the ability to shift the aerodynamic balance front or rear are the guiding principles. These elements create the optimal dynamic attributes to produce the ultimate driver’s car.

The RS features bespoke Ultima designed and branded 19” lightweight forged wheels front and rear to suit the latest crop of Michelin high performance tyres. The wheels have been exclusively manufactured and tailored for our application with a no compromise approach.

The new larger diameter AP 362mm grooved brake discs and upgraded 6-pot brake calipers, designed specifically for the new technical parameters of the RS model by the world renowned AP Racing, give a boost to the braking performance to make the Ultima RS one of the quickest decelerating supercars of the modern era. 100mph to zero braking time is an astonishing 3.3secs.

Lightweight. This has been one of the most important of Ultima’s core values for 35 years now. Many of the new optional RS aero features are manufactured in stunning lightweight carbon fibre to maximise weight saving and robustness.

The new Ultima RS has the overall performance capability to surpass all previous world-beating track times and performance statistics set by the previous generation Ultima cars. In celebrated Ultima tradition the RS has the potential to outrun every other road going hypercar on the planet, a clean sweep of every production road car world speed record is not a pipe dream with the formidable Ultima RS.


Asphalt 9 Ultima RS

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