Infiniti Project Black S



Car Information:

Class Type ⛽ Fuel ⏱ Refill Time In Game
D Rare 5 15 Minutes Update 17 – 02/2021

Performance Data

Top SpeedSpeed in km/h AccelerationAcceleration HandlingHandling NitroNitro
Stock [729]


Max 4⭐ [2368]


Nitro Speed: 293 km/h Air Speed: 376 km/h Drift Speed: 210 km/h

Car Ranks:

Stock 1⭐ 2⭐ 3⭐ Max 4⭐
729 1119 1540 1970 2368


Total Blueprints
30 23 33 42 128

Upgrades & Import Parts Top SpeedAccelerationHandlingNitro

Stage CreditsCredits x4 Total
Stage 0 4.370 17.480
Stage 1 7.100 28.400
Stage 2 11.400 45.600
Stage 3 17.100 68.400
Stage 4 24.700 98.800
Stage 5 34.500 138.000
Stage 6 48.500 194.000
Stage 7 68.000 272.000
Stage 8 95.000 380.000
Stage 9 133.000 532.000
Stage 10 186.000 744.000
Stage 11 Max Credits2.518.680
Import Parts Amount Credits Total
Common 28 20.000 Credits560.000
Rare 8 40.000 Credits320.000
Epic 4 120.000 Credits480.000
Upgrades Credits2.518.680
  Total Cost: Credits3.878.680


Project Black S is a concept Q60 developed with the Renault Sport Formula One Team. It was unveiled at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. It features a Formula One inspired energy regeneration system with a dual motor/generator unit and battery pack. Engine power specifications were not disclosed, however, it is expected to come with the Red Sport 400 engine. The first motor traction motor/generator mounts is attached end of transmission, providing direct power to the rear wheels. The second motor/generator is attached to the turbocharger, to help spool it up instantly to eliminate turbo lag at lower engine speeds. Once at higher revs, when the exhaust is flowing through the turbine and no longer has lag, it acts as a generator by siphoning off a bit of electricity and sending it to the battery. It is estimated to have an output of 500hp with the V6 engine and two electric motors. It will also feature braking-by-wire, but will ditch the Red Sport’s controversial steering-by-wire system in favour of a motor-driven unit.

The vehicle also features a center-mounted titanium twin exhaust system and lightweight 21-inch forged wheels all mounted on 245/35R21 Pirelli P Zero tires. It also features a new racing inspired vents up front framing the front bumper, and a rear diffuser and wing, aimed to significantly increase rear downforce of the car.

In an interview conducted by Car Advice, Infiniti’s director of product strategy and motorsport, Tommaso Volpe, revealed that the countdown to the prototype’s unveiling was on. He mentioned that several key suppliers were just weeks away from delivering important components like electric motors, as well as other key parts for the twin turbo V6 engine. An updated version of Project Black S will be unveiled at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. It features new yellow accents on the front bumper, tires and spoiler, new wheels and a revised hood. Infiniti is expected to release more details about the engine at the Paris Motor Show as well. However, Infiniti confirmed in March, 2021 that the project has been canceled.

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