Volkswagen Electric R

Asphalt 9 Volkswagen Electric R

Car Information

ClassType⛽ Fuel⏱ Refill TimeIn Game
DEpic41:15 HoursUpdate 21 – 09/2021

Performance Data

Max  5⭐TopspeedAccelerationHandlingNitro
Nitro Speed: ? km/hAir Speed: ? km/hDrift Speed: ? km/h



Blueprints Blueprint

1⭐2⭐3⭐4⭐5⭐Total Blueprints

Upgrades & Import Parts Top SpeedAccelerationHandlingNitro

StageCredits x4Total
Stage 06.440 credits_small25.760 credits_small
Stage 110.500 credits_small42.000 credits_small
Stage 216.800 credits_small67.200 credits_small
Stage 325.200 credits_small100.800 credits_small
Stage 436.400 credits_small145.600 credits_small
Stage 551.000 credits_small204.000 credits_small
Stage 671.500 credits_small286.000 credits_small
Stage 7100.000 credits_small400.000 credits_small
Stage 8140.000 credits_small560.000 credits_small
Stage 9196.000 credits_small784.000 credits_small
Stage 10274.000 credits_small1.096.000 credits_small
Stage 11384.000 credits_small1.536.000 credits_small
Stage 12Max5.247.360 credits_small
Import PartsAmountCredits credits_smallTotal
Common3615.000 credits_small540.000 credits_small
Rare1630.000 credits_small480.000 credits_small
Epic890.000 credits_small720.000 credits_small
Upgrades5.247.360 credits_small
Total Cost:6.987.360 credits_small

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Volkswagen Electric R Description

The Volkswagen I.D. R also known as Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak, is a prototype fully electric vehicle designed as part of Volkswagen’s I.D. Project, and included within Volkswagen’s R series of cars designed specifically for competing in motorsport events. It is the first electric racing car designed by Volkswagen.


Asphalt 9 Volkswagen Electric R

Volkswagen Electric R Upgrades

Volkswagen Electric R Import Parts

Volkswagen Electric R Blueprints

Volkswagen Electric R Credits

Volkswagen Electric R Max Stats

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