Volkswagen XL Sport Concept



Car Information:

Class Type ⛽Fuel ⏱Refill Time In Game
D Uncommon 6 15 Minutes since Release

Performance Data & Ranks

Top SpeedSpeed in km/h AccelerationAcceleration HandlingHandling NitroNitro
Stock [706]
Top Speed270
⭐ [1101] / 20Blueprint 
Top Speed277.6
⭐ [1466] / 32Blueprint 
Top Speed284.6
Max ⭐⭐⭐ [1814] / 62Blueprint 
Top Speed291.2
Nitro Speed: 303 km/h Air Speed: 389 km/h Drift Speed: 212 km/h


⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ Total Blueprints
20 12 30 62

Upgrades & Import Parts Top SpeedAccelerationHandlingNitro

Stage Credits Credits x4 Total
Stage 0 1.150 4.600
Stage 1 1.900 7.600
Stage 2 3.000 12.000
Stage 3 4.500 18.000
Stage 4 6.500 26.000
Stage 5 9.000 36.000
Stage 6 12.500 50.000
Stage 7 18.000 72.000
Stage 8 25.000 100.000
Stage 9 35.000 140.000
Stage 10 Max Credits 466.200
Import Parts Amount Credits Total
Common 20 5.000 Credits100.000
Rare 4 10.000 Credits40.000
    Upgrades Credits466.200
Total Cost: Credits606.200

Volkswagen XL Sport Concept Gallery:

Volkswagen XL Sport Concept Information

There has never been a sports car like the XL Sport concept being showcased by Volkswagen in a world premiere at the Paris Motor Show. A car that uncompromisingly furthers the development of the lightweight sports car in its very essence. A 270 km/h driving machine based on the XL1, the most efficient car of all time. Efficiency and emotion compellingly recombined.

At the rear of the XL Sport sits one of the finest achievements in engine technology – the V2 adapted from the new Ducati 1199 Superleggera, the world’s most powerful two-cylinder motorcycle. Like the XL1, of which only 250 units will be built, the Superleggera is also being manufactured in a limited edition (500 units), in a process that embraces hand fabrication and high-precision industrial manufacturing technologies alike.

The XL1 and the Superleggera, two icons of lightweight carbon and magnesium design technology, thus unite to create a unique sports car. With the XL Sport, the group brands Volkswagen and Ducati impressively demonstrate how high-tech developments can lead to synergies between brands and be used by both parties as modules for new concepts.


Class D

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Performance Stats

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