Update 18 – Italian Season Patch Notes

Welcome to the Italian Season. Join us this update as we celebrate the luxury & craftsmanship of the finest Italian automotive engineering.

New Cars:

Legend Pass early-access cars:

As part of the benefits of the Legends Pass, you will have early access to Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli blueprints and to the Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster car, which will be unlocked in the earlier stages of the Legend Pass! Moreover, there would be several events featuring those cars with even more obtainable rewards!

However, not to worry! Every player in the game will have a chance of unlocking these cars in the future so make sure to follow us on our social media to not miss it out! Additionally, during this update, all players will have the chance to try out these new cars in the Multiplayer game mode at some point during the season, whether you own the Legend Pass or not!

Additionally, as part of the perks of purchasing the Legend Pass, its owners will have access to a Ferrari Enzo Ferrari Car Hunt!

New Season!

Welcome to the Italian Season. Join us this update as we celebrate the luxury & craftmanship of the finest Italian automotive engineering.

Events showcase

– New Grand Prix season! Take part in this update in not 1 but 2 Grand Prix focused on Lamborghini. Participate for a chance to unlock the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 and the Lamborghini SC18. The latter is a re-run based on Community feedback. You loved it and we are bringing it back! Additionally, join us as we go back in time for the Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO (Elite Grand Prix). Please remember that a Grand Prix is a time-limited event where players are grouped and compete against each other for a chance to win a car key of a featured car, compared to Elite Grand Prix, which despite being similar to Grand Prix, players compete for Epic Import parts and can win some Blueprints in Practice rounds, and featured cars are usually not newly released.

– New Car hunts: The Ferrari 599XX EVO car hunt is coming your way! Including a guaranteed key as a milestone reward! In addition, get ready to hunt the Ferrari Roma!

– Unleashed event: Join us in an exciting Unleashed event this season for a chance to unlock the ATS Automobili Corsa RRTurbo.

– Take part in the Special Events this season for a chance to unlock two fantastic new cars: the Pagani Imola and the Mazzanti Evantra Millecavalli (the latter only for Legend Pass owners as part of the early-access perk).

– The exciting 1vs1 Tournaments are coming back featuring Italdesign DaVinci. You will be able to get this car only from this source and you will have a free entry! For the first time, we are also adding timers for skips.

– Last but not least, brace yourself! Get ready for a very special celebration with awesome rewards and surprises!

Other notes:

New Career Season














We heard you! The Elite Class time-limited events’ locations have been changed to reflect the most voted ones through our Discord server. Thanks for your input!

Thanks to your feedback and reports, performance has been adjusted and corrected for the following cars: Bentley Continental GT3Ferrari SF90, and Aston Martin Valhalla Concept Car.

All drivers of the Infiniti Project Black S are safely back in their seat.

New club flags added! Poland and Ukraine have been added to the game.

Bug fixes:

– We fixed an issue that was causing emojis to be displayed even if you had disabled them previously.

– The issue causing your graphics settings to be restarted automatically has been fixed.

– Windows: The mouse icon will now stop being visible on screen while driving.

Source: https://asphaltlegends.com/news/?article=51

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  1. Depuis cette mise à jour, le jeu lag, est saccader pendant les courses, il y a beaucoup de latence dans les graphismes, et toujours en mauvaise connexion en multijoueur. J’utilise d’habitude le minimum des réglages en graphisme. J’ai l’impression qu’avec cette version je ne suis pas en 30 FPS (comme affiché) mais en 60. Je crois que c’est la fin pour moi et ce jeu.

  2. why change the multiplayer rewards almost everyone have these cars which is featuring in multiplayer reward so please change the cars for the reward


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