Update 19 – European Season Patch Notes

Join us and race the roads in the European Season and celebrate the launch of cars from European manufacturers.

New Cars

Legend Pass early-access cars

As part of your benefits included in the Legends Pass, you will have early access to Aston Martin Victor blueprints with your Legend Pass progress and you will have another chance to get the Apollo IE car in an exclusive Car Hunt.

However, not to worry! Every player in the game will have a chance of unlocking these cars in the future so make sure to follow us on our social media to not miss it out! Additionally, during this update, all players will have the chance to try out the Aston Martin Victor in the Multiplayer game mode at some point during the season, whether you own the Legend Pass or not!

– Aston Martin Victor (new car!): Featured in the Legend Pass season rewards

– Apollo IE: Featured in a Car Hunt only for Legend Pass owners

asphalt 9 update 19 new season

Welcome to the exciting European Season! Take advantage of the Legend Pass for access to exclusive events, benefits and to unlock the elegant Aston Martin Victor.

New Game Mode

update 19 new gamemode

Look out for a brand new game mode: Nitro Pollution. Try out this new mode in 1 of 5 daily events running throughout the update with each event offering different locations to try the mode with.

Special Event screen improvements!

Check out the improved Special Events section! With this update, we worked on this screen to make sure you don’t miss all the exciting events we craft for you! Now, on this screen, you will not only find all the great events you know and love but also some of the key daily events such as Car Hunts or Unleashed.


Events showcase:

– We have more Grand Prix events for you! Fight for a chance to unlock the Zenvo TSR-S or the Renault R.S. 01 cars in their Grand Prix events. Additionally, take part in an Epic Prix event featuring Genty Akylone. Please remember that a Grand Prix is a time-limited event where players are grouped and compete against each other for a chance to win a car key of a featured car, compared to Elite Prix and Epic Prix, which despite being similar to Grand Prix, feature cars that are coming back with a bang and offers the chance to win blueprints (Elite Prix) and epic parts (Epic Prix).

– Take part in the Special Events this season for a chance to unlock two fantastic new cars: the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the Volkswagen W12 Coupé (you can get the key by completing the event 100%)!

– New Car Hunt: Race for a chance to unlock the Bentley Continental GT3 car in this event that includes its key as a milestone reward.

– Unleashed events: You have an exciting season ahead of you! Two Unleashed events are coming your way with two amazing cars that will make a lot of players happy!

– Cancel all your plans! BXR Bailey Blade GT1 will be featured in a Legendary Weekend event this season.

– Take part in the Special Events this season for a chance to unlock two fantastic new cars: the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the Volkswagen W12 Coupé (you can get the key by completing the event 100%)! While the Legend Pass cars will come in handy when progressing in the Aston Martin Valkyrie event, they are not necessary to unlock the car. There will be Special Event car packs waiting for you in the shop that will also help you move forward.

Other notes:

– There was an issue that prevented players from seeing a notification when there were new Club chat messages. This has been fixed with this update!

– Improvements were made to ramp physics in the New York track.

– We boosted ATS Corsa RRTurbo stock stats! Its performance will now be better.

– An exploit allowing you to gain an advantage when crashing your car early on the Shanghai and Osaka tracks has been fixed.


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  1. Las misiones de la temporada Lamborghini no se pueden completar porque ni aparece lo que son. En la base de datos se puede ver, pero en el juego no desbloquea ciertas misiones así que nunca se puede conseguir el premio. Alguna solución?


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