Update 25 – Raging Bull Patch Notes

Welcome to the Raging Bull Season! Join us to celebrate all the style and splendor of Lamborghini cars! Grab the Legend Pass to unlock the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 and many other benefits.

New Cars

Early-access cars:

– Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 (key available obtainable only through Legend Pass)

*Please remember that while the Legend Pass offers you the chance of unlocking this new car, additional event conditions apply.

The Clash

Asphalt 9’s most awaited feature is out! Rally your Club and take the streets in The Clash. This new game mode pits two Clubs against each other in a frenzied competition for glory and rewards.

Thanks to our Beta testing clubs and everyone who has taken part in the first worldwide launch of The Clash we have gathered some great feedback and are making some changes for the next update (and will keep improving it in future updates so keep up the feedback). These are the main ones but find a full list of changes and bug fixes below.

– We have changed how you gain points in the Attack phase. Gaining extra points for a street in attack now works like in the Defense phase: you will need to match the extra point criteria to gain those points, the more you match the more points you can gain.  If you do not match the points that the defender did, they will retain those extra points for their club.
– We are adjusting the timings for each round of the Clash. We are extending the attack and defense phases to 4 days (up from 2) to give you more time to plan your strategy and attack your opponents.
– The players available for a new Clash will now be the ones that are inside your club at the time of matchmaking (when the Warm-Up phase ends). We’re hoping this provides more clarity to Clubs as to which members will be able to participate in The Clash.
– Clash Season will have fewer rounds (3) during this update, so players can also focus on other game modes from time to time.
– We implemented a popular request: to be able to race against a defender’s car in the Attack phase. Now during an attacking race, you will be racing against the car of the defender (these cars will not be able to interact with you and are present to help you see the defenders’ racing skills).

During this season, we will also have a lot of surprises related to The Clash. Stay tuned! Please find more information about The Clash and its mechanics in our tutorial here

Asphalt 9’s 4th anniversary! 

Help celebrate Asphalt 9’s 4th Anniversary with celebration events, social media contests, and the chance to unlock the Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary available to every player as part of the celebration.

Asphalt Board presents: Token spend-limit

Through the Asphalt Board we allow our most engaged players to choose new features for the game. In our latest vote, the community selected the Token spend-limit feature as the next one in our pipeline and it has now become a reality!

Update 25 Token Spending Limit

You will now be able to set a purchase confirmation step when spending Token amounts over the limit you choose!

We look forward to finding out what will be the next feature selected by the Asphalt Board initiative. Stay tuned!

Play for the planet!

update 25 play for the planet

Help raise environmental awareness as part of the United Nations Play for the Planet initiative by participating in the Special Events focused on electric vehicles!

Events showcase

– Prix events will return this update! Fight for a chance to get the Lamborghini Reventón Roadster (Grand Prix), the Lamborghini Miura Concept (Looper Prix) cars, and boost your Techrules AT96 Track Version (Elite Prix)!
– Exciting Special Events are coming your way this season: get blueprints for the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 cars! Within the first Special Event, you will also be able to get Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 blueprints.
– Did you miss your chance to get the Peugeot Onyx and McLaren Speedtail cars? Don’t worry! Two Starway events featuring these cars are coming in this update. These two events and the former Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder Starway event will come back in the upcoming seasons in a rotational manner.
– This Season will have a Car Hunt for Legend Pass owners featuring the ARASH AF10 LP car!
– As always, stay tuned for exciting seasonal events like the upcoming 4th of July event! And much more!


– New Career season that will complete the Lamborghini Veneno Chapter 6 reward!
– During this season, we will start testing a new shop layout – it will be available only to some of you for now! If you see it in your game, please feel free to send us your feedback, as it will help us fine-tune the final version of the new shop.
– A new “Play for the Planet” themed decal will be added for the Lotus Evija
– Based on player feedback, we have added an option to reset your ghost on Looper Prix events by paying a Token fee.

update 25 reset ghost in looper prix

– On a specific Nevada track, cars were floating in the grid race. This has been fixed.
– We fixed a bug that caused some cars to be shown as upgradeable after installing all import parts.
– Letters without any results have been greyed out in the Car Filter feature.
– Bolwell MK X Nagari 500 rear calipers’ position has been adjusted.
– Vision 1789 changes and fixes: Emissive brake disks improved. Calipers’ position improved. Font fix on trunk text. Fixed some small artifacts on the chassis.
– Zenvo TSR-S rear lights improved.
– Automobili Pininfarina Battista updated to new car version.
– Volkswagen W12 Coupé rear lights improved.
– Ferrari SF90 Stradale fixed rims’ tinting.

The Clash list of changes

Improvements and changes:

– The Car filter feature has been added now to The Clash too
– The Street information screen has been improved in terms of clarity (both on Defense and Attack)
– The Clash timer has been added to the map and Street information screen, so you don’t need to go back to the main screen to see how much time there’s left in the Clash phase.
– You will be able to access now the Clash map while the results of the Attack phase are being calculated.
– Defense time is now shown in the post-race screen after the first race you do on a Street.
– The vacate button has been removed when the Street is occupied by your teammates and there’s no possible action.
– A message is sent to the Club chat when the Club has signed up for a new Clash
– The rival’s name is not shown anymore on the post-race screen if you beat their time.
– The number of defense attempts left is now also shown on the Street information screen.
– We added a text letting you know that all Streets are defended on the map if that happens.
– More information has been added now to the post-race screen (like time or points gained) so you can go back directly to the map.
– We added icons next to neighborhoods on the map to indicate in which ones you have occupied Streets on Defense and conquered Main Streets on Attack
– Street node screen: The “Total Points” text string and the amount has been removed until you gain some points in that Street.
– If blueprints can be obtained through Clash rewards for a certain car, you will now see that information in the “Where can you get blueprints?” section of the car profile.
– Stopped visual animation of the Street nodes you can’t interact with during the Attack phase.


– Fixed an issue that caused players to see a different enemy score in the season leaderboard & clash score screen.
– Fixed an issue with the scoring system that produced incorrect scores when conquering a defended street.
– When you occupied a street with the same car as the player that vacated it, the previous stats were displayed instead of yours. This has been fixed.
– When an enemy occupied a defended street the color of the node changed before it was conquered. We fixed this issue.
– The game was not redirecting you outside of the Clash screens when the event finished. This has been fixed.
– There was a text saying “Street is not occupied” after occupying a Street on attack. This has been adjusted to show the Street is not defended, but occupied by the attacker.

That is everything for now. We would like to thank you for the valuable feedback you have been sharing with us and encourage you to join our channels and talk to us!

Community feedback is always welcome as we continue developing new content for Asphalt 9: Legends. Join the conversation now!


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  1. We are adjusting the timings for each round of the Clash. We are extending the attack and defense phases to 4 days (up from 2) to give you more time to plan your strategy and attack your opponents.

  2. For the missions to move on through the legend pass, many of the missions that will move you forward a lot are really difficult because you have to have many stars for vehicles that we have only a few stars. We completed as many of the missions that give a little LP and finished the missions we were able to do, but we aren’t able to use Tokens or do anymore missions. Could you please not make future missions where you have to have as many as five stars for cars to complete a mission? I look forward for your new Lamborghini Revuelto!


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