Update 26 – Bring the Heat Patchnotes

Are you ready to bring the heat? Join us in a new season that brings back some classic events, and introduces a new game mode along with a slew of brand new cars for you to unlock!

New Cars


New Track

asphalt 9 update 26 new track greenland

Welcome to Greenland! Explore the icy coolness of Greenland as you drift on ice-covered roads, dodge exploding geysers, and experience the primal heat of driving through volcanic vents on a brand new track. Explore it in the new Career season and Special Events!

Drive Syndicate Undercover Ops!

For the first time take control of the new security cars to chase down and intercept syndicate drivers before they can escape you to win. The mode will introduce brand-new gameplay mechanics allowing you to:

–    Enter the intercept mode to gain a boost of speed allowing you to catch up to your targets.
–   Execute a takedown at the right time to eliminate opposing cars ahead of you OR time it right to spin into a 90-degree block to eliminate an opponent approaching from behind.

asphalt 9 update 26 bring the heat ds undercover cops

This new game mode will be available only through the Drive Syndicate Special Event at this time.

Additionally, the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 Roadster will be available to all players for the first time during this event.

Welcome to The Clash Shop!

asphalt 9 update 26 bring the heat clash shop

Launching The Clash Shop! It’s time to earn super exciting rewards for your hard-fought Club victories. You will earn now a new currency through The Clash and you will be able to spend it on a dedicated shop where you’ll find lots of valuable items you won’t find anywhere else in the game (including Car Keys!).

asphalt 9 update 26 bring the heat clash tokens

Events showcase

–    Enjoy three Prix events during this update! Fight for a chance to get the new Bugatti EB110 and Zenvo TSR-S in Grand Prix events, and boost your Rimac Nevera (Elite Prix)!
–    Get ready for stimulating Special Events! Compete for the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and enjoy a new edition of the classic Summertime Speedrush Special Event featuring Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta!
–    Compete for Pagani Huayra R (the new King of the Class B cars!) through an LP-exclusive Special Event
–    NIO EP9 is coming back for all players through a dedicated Car Hunt!
–    During this update, there will be a new Unleashed event featuring the Citroën GT by Citroën car!
–    You will have more chances at Starway events during this season! Star up your Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder and Peugeot Onyx cars!
–    As usual, stay tuned for more Clash seasons to enjoy alongside your Clubmates!
–    Last but not least, there will be a mini-season once the Bring The Heat season is over, so stay tuned to learn about all the exciting stuff coming to the game!

Changes to Multiplayer

We are bringing major changes to the Multiplayer mode!

–    All the rewards have been updated
–    We have created a new system to determine the cars available in Multiplayer events. We will have now a pool of cars (that might rotate in the future) so you can enjoy a more engaging and balanced experience. The first pool of cars you’ll be able to compete with:

Lamborghini Aventador SV Coupé
Lamborghini Centenario
Ferrari FXX K
McLaren 765LT
Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
Icona Vulcano Titanium
VLF Force V10
Apex AP-0
Bugatti EB110
Apollo N
W Motors Lykan HyperSport
Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder
Pagani Huayra R
Bugatti Centodieci


–    New Career season – Bring the Heat in Chapter 6
–    Added the 120 fps option for additional devices. Enjoy the full power of Asphalt 9 on these devices now too
–    Fixed an issue that prevented players to see their own defense time in the first race on a specific Street of The Clash.
–    Made changes to the Street icons in The Clash to add more clarity to their status.
–    From now on, you can access the Player Profile screen on every leaderboard across the game.
–    Asphalt 9 will be available on Steam this August 2022. Steam will be cross-platform with Windows and Xbox. You can start adding the game to your wishlist!
–    Display your Player ID on the loading screens of the game (except in the first login on a specific device)
–    Tushek TS 900 Racer Pro headlight has been improved
–    We fixed a bug that affected the text on the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 car
–    W Motors Lykan HyperSport fixes on the rear badge and brake discs.

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19 thoughts on “Update 26 – Bring the Heat Patchnotes”

  1. if it had like a swiss alpines like level or even an outback level that would be cool. I would love to knock down some kangaroos.

  2. Bonjour,
    Depuis la nouvelle saison, beaucoup de plantage. Un peu avant quand même.
    “Impossible d’effectuer cette action sur le serveur (3)”
    Egalement, je n’ai plus accès aux onglets.
    Je joue sur switch. Merci j’adore ce jeu.

  3. Buonasera a tutti
    Chiedo scusa nessuno di voi dopo gli ultimi aggiornamenti di circa 1 mese fa ha avuto problemi con l’avvio del gioco
    Io non riesco a farlo partire
    mi si chiude subito
    Senza comunicazione di errori

  4. In the drive syndicate, I tried to purchase a pack for the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ for $4.99, but it instead said transaction failed and I didn’t get back my money. I never got the pack for the Lamborghini which I bought.

  5. For the first time take control of the new security cars to chase down and intercept syndicate drivers before they can escape you to win. The mode will introduce brand-new gameplay mechanics

  6. I BET that you won’t be as OP as the AI security cars are. SERIOUSLY, they are in a class of their own. Class LE, law enforcement.


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