TVR Griffith

Asphalt 9 TVR Griffith

Car Information

ClassType⛽ Fuel⏱ Refill TimeIn Game
DRare515 MinutesUpdate 7 – 08/2019

Performance Data

Max  4⭐TopspeedAccelerationHandlingNitro
Nitro Speed: 352km/hAir Speed: 458 km/hDrift Speed: 205 km/h



Blueprints Blueprint

1⭐2⭐3⭐4⭐Total Blueprints

Upgrades & Import Parts Top SpeedAccelerationHandlingNitro

Stagecredits_small Credits x4Total
Stage 04.370 credits_small17.480 credits_small
Stage 17.100 credits_small28.400 credits_small
Stage 211.400 credits_small45.600 credits_small
Stage 317.100 credits_small68.400 credits_small
Stage 424.700 credits_small98.800 credits_small
Stage 534.500 credits_small138.000 credits_small
Stage 648.500 credits_small194.000 credits_small
Stage 768.000 credits_small272.000 credits_small
Stage 895.000 credits_small380.000 credits_small
Stage 9133.000 credits_small532.000 credits_small
Stage 10186.000 credits_small744.000 credits_small
Stage 11Max2.518.680 credits_small
Import PartsAmountCredits credits_smallTotal
Common2820.000 credits_small560.000 credits_small
Rare840.000 credits_small320.000 credits_small
Epic4120.000 credits_small480.000 credits_small
Upgrades2.518.680 credits_small
Total Cost:3.878.680 credits_small

TVR Griffith Car Hunt

Car Hunt: TVR Griffith
5 x Finish Race1 x TVR Griffith Blueprint
350 x Beat 55s1 x Car Hunt Pack
350 x Beat 52s1 x Car Hunt Pack
5 x Beat 48,5s with Ginetta G601 x TVR Griffith Blueprint
5 x Beat 48,5s with Porsche 911 Targa 4S1 x TVR Griffith Blueprint
Finish Race 10/10 Club Reward5 x TVR Griffith Blueprint
Car Hunt Riot: TVR Griffith
Qualify in the Top 5%2 x TVR Griffith Import Part
10 x Event Pack+
10 x Import Parts Pack
Qualify in the Top 10%1 x TVR Griffith Import Part
8 x Event Pack+
8 x Import Parts Pack
Qualify in the Top 25%6 x Class-D Rare Parts Pack
6 x Event Pack+
6 x Import Parts Pack
Qualify in the Top 50%4 x Class-D Rare Parts Pack
4 x Event Pack+
4 x Import Parts Pack
Qualify in the Top 100%2 x Class-D Rare Parts Pack
2 x Event Pack+
2 x Import Parts Pack
Track:Freedom Route

TVR Griffith Description

The new Griffith retains the manual transmission as used in the previous TVR models making it a proper driver’s car but includes ABS, power steering and traction control as standard in order to handle the high power output and keep the car stable at high speeds. The extensive use of carbon fibre helps save weight and as a result, it weighs less than 1,250 kg (2,756 lb) with a 50:50 weight distribution achieved through the Griffith’s architecture of aluminum and carbon fibre components which improves handling.


Asphalt 9 TVR Griffith

TVR Griffith Upgrades

TVR Griffith Import Parts

TVR Griffith Blueprints

TVR Griffith Credits

TVR Griffith Max Stats

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