The Incredible Video Editing Contest – Feb. 15 to Mar. 04

Calling out to the video editors in you racers! You could win the Bugatti Chiron + 1 000 Tokens and 1 000 000 Credits, participate in the “Incredible Video Editing Contest” to have a chance to win!

Contest dates: From February 15th to March 04th

How to enter the contest:

Your mission will be to create the most beautiful video montage using the pack of videos and music that we have made available to you here and your own capture of gameplay and replay. You could do a montage just using our pack of assets, but you are free (and we recommend it) that you add in your own captures.

Once your montage is ready, publish it on youtube, and make sure to include the hashtag #AsphaltEdit in the description of the video. On March 16th, all of the videos submitted on YouTube will be reviewed by the judges, and 4 winners will be selected.

Check out the official rules of the contest here.

How to win the contest:

BE CREATIVE! The judges will pay attention to the artistic quality of the montage, the transitions, the camera angles, the rhythm, the filters, the effects and the consistency of the montage with the music will be judge. You can had text in the video too (it’s not mandatory). We recommend you to use a video editing software.  The quality of your capture is also important (the image must be as clear as possible).
Take example of some great montage that Nekon or Anthony did:

Who are the judges:

A total of four winners will be selected. Two artists of the Asphalt Development team will chose two winners. That’s not all, because NEKON and Anthony Jose will choose one winner each.  Both Anthony and NEKON are an Asphalt players and YouTubers that have an incredible talent for video editing. They made a ton of videos for Asphalt on their channels and the official channel.

Check out their content:
Anthony Jose’s channel:
NEKON’s channel:

Tips to succeed:

1. If you can’t capture anything by yourself, simply use our pack of video content right here, and just focus on the editing. 

2. When using the replay feature, the game won’t play the sound of your race.  But if you also record your actual race, you will be able to use the sound of your race over the replay footage!

3. Make sure to turn down the volume of the music to 0% in order to be able to work properly on your montage!  It’s better to do so than simply turn the volume of the game down, because you can keep the sound of the car that way.

Using The Replay Feature:

The replay feature allows you to capture extremely cool moments of your race. It’s I available at the end of each race. Simply start on the replay button.


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