Now that you’re on the fast track to becoming a Legend, let’s kick things into high gear with one of the community’s most highly requested updates—CLUB RACES! Challenge your teammates to see who’s the real Legend on any of the 70 official tracks!

***WHAT’S NEW***

CLUB RACE MODE has been added by popular demand. You can now create your own private races to challenge your Club friends for fun and prestige!

2 NEW CARS are fuelling up. So get ready to take the Lotus Elise Sprint 220 and Ferrari J50 for a spin real soon!

A NEW CAREER SEASON with 20 unique challenges will open up once you unlock the Lotus Elise.

GET MORE REWARDS in Multiplayer mode for rising up the ranks of the Legend League leaderboard.

DAILY GOALS are now available, offering you simple tasks every day for even more prizes.

CUSTOMISABLE TAP-TO-STEER CONTROLS are now available by popular request!

REBALANCING: The stats of the Ferrari F12tdf, Lamborghini Aventador SV Coupe, Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, Lamborghini Egoista and VLF Force 1 V10 have been increased to better align with their car rank. And now, you will accumulate more nitro when drifting.

** As a special thanks to some of the most active and popular Clubs, they awarded them each a unique and exclusive Club Logo. Congrats! **

Patch Notes

Custom Tap-to-Steer

Changing Tap-to-Steer options can be accessed via Controls menu screen from the options menu or from within the race.

There, a new button called “Custom” will be available that will take you to the Customize screen

The screen will show an area where in race the Heads up Display is.

There is also a reserved area where players can – Reset the button’s position to Default
– Mirror – The Two Nitros and the two Brake icons are mirrored so they keep the same height and distance to the borders. Moving one moves also the opposite and in the reverse horizontal direction.
– The Button has two states On/Off
– By default is ON
– When the Reset button is used it goes back to ON

Club Races

In the Club Status menu there is a new button that leads to the CLUB RACE Menu
A message is sent to the Club Chat, when a new lobby is enabled so the players can have quick access to the screen

In the Club Race Menu the players can:
– Join a lobby that is still not full,
– Create a new lobby.

Access from the Chat:
Players can access also from the chat window.

Every launched lobby sends a message to the chat with the name of the creator and a direct JOIN button,
If the lobby is still open the player selects the car and enters directly in the lobby,
In case the race has been already launched the player reaches the CLUB RACE screen and a message is displayed “Sorry, the race is not available anymore”.

Creating a Lobby:
Race creators can chose between the 70 official tracks,
In the closed ones 1,2 or 3 laps can be selected,

Special and cool Club logo race intro
– Cars intro – showing over all the cars includes:
– Player NAME
– Car RANK of the selected car
– ICON if the player is the Lead or an officer

After Race:
The rewards screen shows the winner of the challenge with the NAME, CAR and TIME
Racers do not get x2 reputation like in MP leagues.
After the Missions screen the player is taken back to the Club race menu.

Daily Goals

This new mode will give you the opportunity to gain more rewards by completing tasks.

Added new Career Season for Lotus @ Chapter2 with multiple Chase, Time- Attack and Classic events and 2 new San Francisco track variations

Added 2 new cars

Lotus Elise Sprint 220       D Class           Base stats –   Top Speed 234 Acceleration 59.5 Handling 54.8 Nitro 47.82
Ferrari J50                         A Class           Base stats –   Top Speed 333 Acceleration 73.9 Handling 42.27 Nitro 48.91

Other Changes:

Tweaked cars: Ferrari F12tdf
Corvette Grand Sport
Lamborghini Aventador
VLF Force V10
Porsche 918 Spyder
Lamborghini Egoista
Pagani Huayra BC

Screen police lights effects

It activates when police vehicles are 10 meters from the player
It will be present on any device that also has the lens flares tech enabled

Your car will dodge the opponent in front, instead of staying on the same line

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The Club Race Update

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