Update 30 – European Season Patch Notes

We’re thrilled to introduce a new update, bringing six new cars in two new European Seasons. Get ready for some high-speed action!

New Cars

New Car Decals

Asphalt Board: Elite Class Events tracks!

We’ve updated the tracks in the limited-time Elite Class event based on your feedback and your vote in the Asphalt Board channel on Discord. 

   – Elite C: Nevada, Dam Buster

   – Elite B: Scotland, Wildlands

   – Elite A: Paris, Metro

   – Elite S: Himalaya, Frozen Route

Legend Pass benefits:

   – Unlock the KTM X-Bow GTX and the Kepler MOTION with each Legend Pass.

   – Bentley Continental GT Speed Legendary Car Hunt

   – Arash AF8 Falcon Edition Legendary Key Hunt

   – 6 epic import parts

   – 1,150 tokens for your pocket only with the Legend Pass!

   – 12 extra Wild Cards

   – And more!

Wolves collaboration!

Take part in the time-limited events and the Special Event backed by Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and get your hands on exclusive car liveries from the Wolves!


Join the upcoming Porsche Asphalt Series 2023 esports tournament this 27th of April. Follow us on Youtube to receive in-game rewards while watching the stream.

The Road Test is coming again!

Race again with the Faraday Future FFZERO1. During the event, you can use and upgrade a loaned version of the car. Complete the event tasks to gain blueprints and unlock and star up your own personal version for your collection!


   – Get crazy with the Asphalt Jungle mode in Multiplayer. No protection for you nor for your rivals.

   – Take advantage of the Credit Rush in the Multiplayer section for this update.

Events showcase:

   – The Grand Prix cars of the seasons are FV Frangivento Sorpasso GT3 and Maserati MC12. Enjoy the events and their exclusive decals.

   – Special Events:

      – The Jaguar XJR-9 will be the Special Event of the first part of the Season. The car is locked behind the Legend Pass.

      –  Koenigsegg CCXR Special Event will have two parallel car hunts to help you unlock and star up the support cars: the Aston Martin Victor and the Bugatti Eb110.

   – During this update, the McLaren Speedtail & Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder will lead the Starway events. 

   – GT Fever in different events!

      – Continental GT Speed New Legendary Hunt. Locked behind a legend pass.

      – Porsche 911 GT1 Evolution Car Hunt

      –  Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport Key Hunt

      – Ford GT MK II Key Hunt

   – Aston Martin Victor is out of early access for everyone in the Car Hunt wheel.

   – Weekend Rampage! Play every weekend to unlock the Lotus Emira!

   – Build the Community Event with the Content Creators! Stay tuned for more information.

   – We carrot wait for Easter’s Event! Enjoy the Lamborghini Essenza free try.

Player ID changes:


   – Takedown game mode. Be sure to check the daily events so you don’t miss the new Police Takedown Event

   – All your reports on Discord in relation to the Paris track have been fixed.

   – Thanks to your conversations we’ve fixed the issues with the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, in Touch Drive. We’ll be checking the Manual gameplay to fix it in the future.

   – If you’ve reached the end of the Patch Notes, congrats! Here’s your time limited redeem code: SEASON30 with a gift from the Asphalt 9 Team. You can redeem it here.

Source: https://asphaltlegends.com/news/?article=153

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  1. will the Lamborghini reveulto free event repeat I downloaded the game late and now after seeing it going for free I’m just regretting


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