McLaren Senna Special Event – KINGS OF THE FALL Event 1

McLaren Senna Special Event – KINGS OF THE FALL Event 1

Meet the first king and his court.

After much anticipation, now’s your chance to drive the McLaren Senna in Asphalt 9: Legends! Named after what many believe to be the best driver of all time, the legendary Ayrton Senna, this extremely track-focused hypercar is the “first king” you can unlock in the event!

But this is not all, in the first leg of the event you will also get a chance to get your hands on the Arrinera Hussarya 33 and Aston Martin Vantage GT12.

The Arrinera Hussarya 33 is the first car produced by Polish automotive manufacturer Arrinera Automotive, as well as the first Polish supercar. “Hussarya” is derived from the name of Polish military unit – Winged Hussars.

Another car you will get a chance to unlock is the unique and truly extreme road racer – Aston Martin Vantage GT12. With production strictly limited to just 100 examples, the new model combines all of Aston Martin’s learning from its years of sports car competition around the globe to produce its most performance focused road-going Vantage.

The Asphalt Team’s Take

“What the McLaren Senna lacks in Top Speed, it more than makes up with its outstanding Handling. Perfect for those curve-packed tracks!”

Antoine Cabrol – Principal Game designer

Car Specs

McLaren Senna

Stock 335 74,8 73,57 53,07
1 338 75,86 77,25 56,35
2 341,7 77,1 81,58 60,21
3 345,5 78,43 86,19 64,32
4 349,3 79,85 91,14 68,45
5 353,5 81,58 97,18 73,01
6 358,3 82,91 101,81 78,25

Arrinera Hussarya 33

Stock 340 71,2 44,4 25,68
1 341,5 72,16 46,31 28,48
2 344 73,41 48,88 32,74
3 346 74,54 51,21 36,41
4 347,8 76,27 54,78 39,92
5 352,1 78,53 59,47 47,71


Aston Martin Vantage GT12

Stock 322 68,5 64,33 61,21
1 324,4 69,73 67,15 64,05
2 327,5 71,7 71,69 67,73
3 330,1 73,52 75,89 70,89
4 334 75,92 81,44 75,84
5 337,8 78,26 86,85 80,46

Tips & Advice

Important note! This is the first part of the ‘Kings of the Fall’ event. Acquiring the ultimate king will require both the Mclaren Senna and Zenvo TS1 GT Anniversary (the second king) unlocked!

Patch Notes

Unlocking the next stages

You might have noticed some changes in the event ́s main menu – before you can jump into the next stage of the event, first you need to complete a certain amount of conditions. For example, to move into Stage 2, you need to complete a minimum of 10 conditions.

Click on each Stage (once it is unlocked) for more details on conditions you have to complete. In this example below, there are 8 conditions completed, which means we need 2 more to be able to move forward ! Important, club conditions are not part of the event conditions.

But this is not all, click on the progress button to see all new progression rewards that you can acquire on top of the usual rewards! In the McLaren Senna Special Event, you will have 500 conditions in total. The more you complete, the more rewards you get!

And you might also notice that starting from this update you can earn even more valuable rewards, but you will have to complete new special conditions with star level requirements. There are few star level requirements options that might apply to: – A specific car as we have in the example below, – Cars of a specific class available in an event (for example, a class-B car upgraded to 2 stars) – Any car in an event.


This Post gets updated with detailed Information about the Event!



McLaren Senna Special Event


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