Lamborghini SC18 Grand Prix

Introduced in November 2018, the SC18  is a track focused one-off created for a customer under close collaboration with Lamborghini’s motorsport division Squadra Corse. Based on the Aventador SVJ, the SC18 incorporates aerodynamic elements taken from the Huracàn GT3 and the Huracàn SuperTrofeo Evo. Main features of the car include a big adjustable carbon-fibre rear wing, front air intakes on the hood taken from the Huracàn GT3, new Veneno-like wheels created especially for the car, a one-off exhaust system along with rear lights from the Centenario, rear fenders, hood scoops and the central fin from the Huracàn SuperTrofeo Evo, and a new front bumper. The mechanical components and drive train remain the same as the donor car

Lamborghini SC18

Asphalt 9 Lamborghini SC18

Practice Qualification Round

Task Reward
3 x Beat 1:28s 5.000 Credits
5 x Beat 1:27s Class A+ Pack
3 x Beat 1:26s Grand Prix Event Pack
5 x Air Time: 12s 10.000 Credits
3 x Beat 1:25s Grand Prix Event Pack
1 x Beat 1:24:500s 3 x Lamborghini SC18 Blueprint
Complete all Conditions 5 x Lamborghini SC18 Blueprint
Track: Whirlwind Curve

Practice Final Round 1

Task Reward
5 x 360s in on Go: 4 5.000 Credits
3 x Beat 44s 10.000 Credits
3 x Beat 43s Grand Prix Event Pack
Complete all Conditions 3 x Lamborghini SC18 Blueprint
Track: Lighthouse

Practice Final Round 2

5 x Nitro Time: 20s 10.000 Credits
3 x Beat 1:22s 12.000 Credits
3 x Beat 1:21s Grand Prix Event Pack
Complete all Conditions 3 x Lamborghini SC18 Blueprint
Track: Frozen Route

Practice Final Round 3

5 x Shockwaves: 2 12.000 Credits
3 x Beat 42s 15.000 Credits
3 x Beat 41s Grand Prix Event Pack
Complete all Conditions 3 x Lamborghini SC18 Blueprint
Track: Rat Race

Practice Final Round 4

5 x Stunts: 10 15.000 Credits
3 x Beat 1:08s 20.000 Credits
3 x Beat 1:07s Grand Prix Event Pack
Complete all Conditions 3 x Lamborghini SC18 Blueprint
Track: Tunnel Jam

What is the chance of getting items from the Premium Grand Prix Pack?

The chance of getting the SC18 key through the Premium Grand Prix Pack is a bit less than 2% and there are different drop rates for Credits:
  • 50 000 – the drop chance is less than 1%;
  • 25 000 and 10 000 – drops with a 33% chance,
  • and 5000 drops with a 31% chance.

The better you perform in the qualifiersthe better the rewards you will compete for. In the video below you can find the list of rewards for each of the possible five tiers.

Grand Prix Info:

  • Registration for the finals still requires the practice condition to be completed; Please remember that to register in the qualifiers, conditions should be completed before the next Qualification starts.
  • 2 Qualification Rounds and 6 Final Rounds
  • Entry fee is now xxx tokens , to ensure that more players do their best in the qualifiers instead of buying the entry.
  • Each qualifier group will comprise of 20 players, with TOP 10 players in each round moving to the finals.
  • Decals for the top positions differ only by the number – 1, 2 or 3 in Tier 1 and 2.
And we would like to use this opportunity to explain the 2-day waiting time at the end of the Grand Prix that is required for additional anti-hacking checks to make sure that the rewards are going in the right hands!


Lamborghini SC18

Grand Prix


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5 thoughts on “Lamborghini SC18 Grand Prix”

  1. I would just like to say that I’ve been playing asphalt 9 for 7 months spent over 1,000 dollars made a good time in Lamborghini SC18 grand prix been in 2nd or 3rd place, didn’t have the egoista so that ruined the Sian event, I’m a good player and I deserve the car, people that cheat and sandbag times to be in my tier is really unfair, I love this game but let’s face it that was my ticket to a great A class car and now because of people that cheat I lose out, sincerely Erik

  2. I agree – I would also note that it would seem that the statistics are not “fair” in the sense that I have played the “special events” several times with 2nd place finishes for the prize and somehow out of all the special events I have NEVER received a key for the car the event was unlocking

  3. Le fait que tous le monde ne joue pas avec la même voiture sa gache l’expérience. Si on paye pour augmenter sa voiture tous sa pour être sur de gagner c’est …….


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