Tradition Meets Future – Chapter 05

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Tradition Meets Future
Race Rank Mode Track Blueprint Credits Rep
1 1.667 Classic Namba Park 840 22
2 1.343 Classic Moat Finale 1.900 22
3 1.536 Cops Budding Start 2.000 22
4 2.413 Classic Meiji Rush Arrinera Hussarya 33 Import Part 950 22
5 2.505 Classic Rat Race 1.400 22
6 2.594 Hunted Large Hill 2.700 22
7 2.683 Classic Industrial Revolution 2.500 22
8 2.775 Classic Sakura Castle Ferrari 812 SF Import Part 1.500 22
9 2.788 Classic Naniwa Tour 2.500 22
10 2.806 Cops Welcome to Osaka Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Import Part 2.700 22
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1 thought on “Tradition Meets Future – Chapter 05”

  1. I love this site and refer a lot of players to it for info. Good work! I realize this is a lot of work to compile, but one thing that might help is for a list of the possible cars you can use in a career race.

    Example: In Tradition Meets Future – Chapter 05, I beat level 01. At level 02 I need the Ginetta G60 which I do not have yet (17/30). So I cannot move ahead yet.

    I can see in level 03 I am green (have a vehicle I can use) but I cannot see what any of the possible vehicles are. Then at level 04 I see red. Now, I do not know if I have a vehicle that is just not at a level I can race with or if it is a vehicle that I do not have yet (like the Ginetta). This way one can see what vehicles they should focus on getting so when they do get to a point in a career race they they are not blocked form moving further ahead.

    If I knew the Ginetta was needed I would have focused on trying to get it sooner.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!


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