Ajlani Drakuma

Asphalt 9 Ajlani Drakuma

Car Information

ClassType⛽ Fuel⏱ Refill TimeIn Game
SEpic36 HoursUpdate 27 – 09/2022

Performance Data

Max  6⭐TopspeedAccelerationHandlingNitro
 2⭐425.3 78.6541.2850.31
 3⭐428.979.31 42.7852.65
 4⭐432.580.01 44.4155
6⭐441 81.5647.91 60.58
Nitro Speed: ? km/hAir Speed: ? km/hDrift Speed: ? km/h



Blueprints Blueprint

1⭐2⭐3⭐4⭐5⭐6⭐Total Blueprints

Upgrades & Import Parts Top SpeedAccelerationHandlingNitro

StageCredits credits_small x4Total credits_small
Stage 023.000 credits_small92.000 credits_small
Stage 137.500 credits_small150.000 credits_small
Stage 260.000 credits_small240.000 credits_small
Stage 390.000 credits_small360.000 credits_small
Stage 4130.000 credits_small520.000 credits_small
Stage 5182.000 credits_small728.000 credits_small
Stage 6255.000 credits_small1.020.000 credits_small
Stage 7356.500 credits_small1.426.000 credits_small
Stage 8499.500 credits_small1.998.000 credits_small
Stage 9699.000 credits_small2.796.000 credits_small
Stage 10979.000 credits_small3.916.000 credits_small
Stage 111.370.000 credits_small5.480.000 credits_small
Stage 122.250.000 credits_small9.000.000 credits_small
Stage 13Max27.726.000 credits_small
Import PartsAmountCredits credits_smallTotal credits_small
Common2890.000 credits_small2.520.000 credits_small
Rare20180.000 credits_small3.600.000 credits_small
Epic16540.000 credits_small8.640.000 credits_small
Upgrades27.726.000 credits_small
Total Cost:42.486.000 credits_small

Ajlani Drakuma Description

The Ajlani Drakuma is a concept hypercar by the Arabic manufacturer Ajlani Motors. The Drakuma marks the first model the company has ever made.

The Ajlani Drakuma initially made its debut at the 2019 Dubai Motor Show, and by golly, it’s a sight to behold. The unworldly styling is said to be inspired by Lamborghini – a disclosure made by company founder Bashar Ajlani in an interview with Top Gear magazine.

But while the extravagant design takes after the raging bull born in Sant’Agata Bolognese, the Ajlani Drakuma is going to have “Pagani-inspired production.” We’re not sure what that actually means, but we do know the intent is to make 99 cars, with each being fully customizable to suit the customer’s preferences.


Asphalt 9 Ajlani Drakuma

Ajlani Drakuma Upgrades

Ajlani Drakuma Import Parts

Ajlani Drakuma Blueprints

Ajlani Drakuma Credits

Ajlani Drakuma Max Stats

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