Asphalt 9 World Records

Class-S Class-A Class-B Class-C Class-D

What is the Asphalt 9 World Records List?

Collection of the Best Runs for each Platform (iOS, Android & Windows) with all Routes, splitted into 5 Tables.

  • 5 Different Tables from Class-S to Class-D
  • Each Table contains all Routes 
  • Each of the 5 Tables shows the Best Time for iOS, Android & Windows including Driver Name, Videolink etc.
  • Everyone can submit his Best Run/World Record
  • Following Info is needed when submitting a Record:
  • Name, Class, Car, Route, Time & Video Link
  • For more Ideas lemme know as a comment

Submit your World Record here


Asphalt 9 Legends World Records

Asphalt 9 Best Runs

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